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About GCAC

Meet the 2024 GCAC Navigators

The Greater Columbus Arts Council is thrilled to continue the GCAC Navigator program, an initiative launched in 2023 that helps us engage more deeply with our diverse community. Annually, GCAC hires artists to represent GCAC at artist and community events, share resources, and guide peer artists through GCAC grant & fellowship applications.

The goal of the GCAC Navigator program is to increase outreach to new artists, especially those from historically marginalized or underrepresented communities through:

  • Awareness – introduce new artists to GCAC (who we are and what we’re here for)
  • Education – share GCAC resources and opportunities available to artists
  • Accessibility – increase community knowledge of artist drop-in hours, computer lab, translation/interpretation services, workshops, one-on-one coaching
  • Connection – build trust through meetings, attending events, asking for feedback, listening to artist needs, calling/emailing artists to appreciate their work in the community
  • Growth – increase number of artists who attend workshops, apply for grants and fellowships, or connect with GCAC
  • Response – based on Navigator and community artist feedback, help staff adapt guidelines, grant programs, workshop offerings, accessibility plans, and inclusion efforts