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Donors FAQ

Are my gifts to GCAC Tax Deductible?
Gifts to GCAC are tax deductible under Section 170(c) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, in accordance with IRS regulations. GCAC provides written acknowledgment of all charitable donations.
How will my personal information be used?
GCAC will only collect personal information which you knowingly and voluntarily provide. When we send you information by email you will always have an opportunity to decline further communication. We do not share or sell any of our contact information with anyone. GCAC does not rent, share, sell, or trade donor information, nor do we send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. When information is sent utilizing a mailing service, the vendors we employ have access only to the donor information needed to perform their function and are contractually prohibited from using it for other purposes.
Can I make monthly, automatic donations to GCAC?
Yes. Please select recurring gift on the online donation form. You can choose to have your credit card charged on the 1st or 15th of each month
Can I make a gift in honor or memory of someone?
It is easy to celebrate the life of a friend or loved one by making a donation to GCAC in their honor or memory. Simply select “Tribute” gift in the online donation form. If you would like the honoree or family informed of your gift, please include that in the form as well so GCAC can inform them. The amount of money donated will be kept confidential.
Can I make a gift anonymously?
Certainly! Please indicate your wish to remain anonymous in written correspondence if mailing your gift or indicate that you would like to remain anonymous on the donation form.
If GCAC already received public funding, why do you need my gift?
While public dollars are the cornerstone of our grants budget, there is no public money available to support the Arts Festival, Artists’ fellowships, our endowment funds and many special projects. With more funds, we can elevate more artists and work closer to our vision of a thriving Columbus where the arts matter to all of us. Your gift to GCAC will enable us to support Columbus-based artists at an unprecedented level.
How is GCAC Funded?
The majority of the GCAC’s budget is comprised of restricted investments from the public sector. GCAC has four primary public funding sources, each of which have to be renewed by the legislating authority every year:
  1. A portion of the hotel/motel bed tax from the city of Columbus
  2. 5% off most tickets and admissions within the city of Columbus
  3. An annual investment (which varies) from the Franklin County Commissioners
  4. A Sustainability grant from the Ohio Arts Council
Why Should I Support GCAC?
Contributions from individuals like you can provide funding that allows us to invest your donation where it is most needed in the creative community. GCAC is a trusted steward of the money invested in us—we have received the Standards of Excellence designation from the Ohio Association of Nonprofits since 2008. All donations will help us accomplish our mission to support and advance the arts and cultural fabric of Columbus and we are committed to our vision of a thriving Columbus where the arts matter to all of us and where all of us have access to the arts. We cannot do it without you!