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Artist Information

At once searing and playful, personal and metaphorical, Andrew J. McCauley’s Work takes the corrosive effects that multiple sclerosis has on the body and mind as its subject. Multiple sclerosis involves the deterioration of protective myelin sheaths surrounding nerve cells, causing a range of physical and psychological symptoms, including loss of motor control. Set in shallow, abstracted landscapes that evoke fragments of memories, McCauley’s central figures are beset by personifications of the disease. Atrophy and decline of the central nervous system are formalized as he incorporates the human figure into a narrative landscape that acts as a metaphor for memory loss. His characters are caught in the experience of nervous and circulatory system failure and, ultimately, a total loss of mobility. Each is surrounded by the deconstruction and fractioning of archetypal memories. The playful, intentionally unsophisticated characters act as a balance to lighten the heavy connotation of their decline.

Mr. McCauley graduated from Ball State University with a BFA in drawing and received his MFA from the Columbus College of Art & Design. His mission as an artist is to maximize the full potential with positive reinforcement, criticism, and satire while administering a thought provoking set of challenges that improves the quality of people’s lives.

"Traveling to Dresden has meant so much to me as an artist/educator/human. I’ve made lifelong connections and my work has changed for the better in so many ways."