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Artist Information

Anne Keener is an artist and writer living in the village of El Rito in northern New Mexico. Her paintings reflect an interest in affective dimensions of knowledge often employing motifs of weaving. Her recently published essay “Painting Inside and Outside” looks at the edge of a painting as a site for imagining an exchange between corporeal and incorporeal existence. Keener explores the role of philosophy in artistic practice in comparative philosophy essays such as “Vivid Felt Quality” that illuminates the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead in an artistic context. In 2018 Keener curated the exhibition Pattern Thinking that featured a collection of Australian Aboriginal artworks. In a cross-cultural dialogue with Indigenous Australian artworks and culture, Keener aims to bring the philosophies and practices of Australian Aboriginal artists into an all-inclusive conversation.

"The Dresden residency gave me a extraordinary sense of independence as an artist. Being outside of normal life in Columbus and finding connections and conversations in Dresden helped me to see the possibilities of cross-over with cultures different from my own."