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Artist Information

Chaz O’Neil is the recipient of the OAL residency at Can Serrat in El Bruc, Spain, and the GCAC Dresden Exchange Residency in Germany. He received his BA from Otterbein University and his MFA from Bowling Green University. Currently his time is divided between creating art, working as the Gallery Exhibition Assistant at Otterbein University, and teaching classes within the art department of the university. In addition to this busy schedule was also the Assistant Director of the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition from 2005-2020.

"I learned so much about myself and my work during my time my time in Dresden. I had to quickly adapt to a setting that was so unfamiliar. I grew as an artist, as a traveler and as a person. I already miss the the beautiful city, the friends I made, the incredible museums, the countryside and the cuisine of East Germany. Since returning I have been invited to participate in a group exhibition the Columbus Museum of Art in the Greater Columbus 2020 Exhibition and have been chosen for a solo exhibition at ROYGBIV in September 2021. View my blog about my travels here: and a video about my installation project titled Aggregate Spectrum here:"