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Artist Information

Daric Gill’s notable series of work includes oil paintings (The Absolutes Series) & interactive robotic sculptures (The Living Machines). Exhibitions include: Galerie Raskolnikow, Germany, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Museum, South Korea, Galeria-Taller Lolo, Cuba, John F. Peto Museum, NJ, Edward Hopper House Museum, NY, Pizzuti Collection Museum, OH, COSI Museum, OH, & George Billis Gallery, LA & NYC. Additional international publications include Artist Talk Magazine & Make: Magazine. Other notable features by technology giants like Arduino,, Xataka Spain, Digi-Key, & Adafruit.

 He is a recipient of the 2019 Artist Exchange in Dresden, Germany, 2019 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, & 2018 Visual Arts Fellowship from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Currently, he has a show at the Columbus Museum of Art. Gill has served as a juror for the 2017 Winter Park Arts Festival International & the 2015 Columbus Arts Festival. He is a former adjunct professor at the Columbus College of Art & Design

"Opportunities like this surely influence an individual's personal growth and internal vision. It also promotes empathic worldly views, skill sharing, and builds long-lasting friendships.

The dedication to the arts runs deep in the heart of Dresden. Waking up in a city that has such an intrinsic appreciation for their artists & the riches they provide was a propellent like none I’ve ever felt. Each day I was invited into profound creativity, genuine friendships, & a desire to explore deeper. This was honestly the happiest time of my adult life & it will remain a point of personal & professional connection for the rest of my life."

fine artwork by Daric Gill
fine artwork by Daric Gill
Sculpture by Daric Gill