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Artist Information

David McBride is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Westerville, he completed his BFA in Drawing and Painting at Ohio State University and his MFA in Painting from Hunter College/CUNY. McBride’s practice explores the territory painting shares with photography, using techniques like oil glazing and erasure in ways that suggest that strict definitions of artistic media can be limiting. He takes cues from surrealism, often through imagery imbued with a sense of disquiet, and always looking for meaning in suggestion, ambiguity, and conjuring. He was awarded the GCAC Dresden residency in 2001.

“While in Dresden, I learned that I had been accepted into graduate school. The residency was perfectly situated for me in that sense; it allowed me to work in a serious way and begin research that I was able to bring with me to graduate school and expand upon.”