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Artist Information

Don “DonCee” Coulter is an award-winning fabric artist based in Columbus. He studied fashion and cubism at Columbus College of Art & Design. His mixed-media, environmentally friendly pieces have been exhibited extensively at galleries and museums across the country. Coulter was selected as the Arts Council’s inaugural Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson Fellowship recipient in 2020. When you think of the composition of a piece of art, you may expect it to be made with paint or out of clay. You do not expect it to be comprised of leather jackets or scraps of denim. However, that is exactly what you would see when viewing a piece from Columbus based artist Don ‘DonCee’ Coulter. The brilliance behind the work is that Coulter creates his paintings by using everyday items not traditionally associated with ‘painting.’ Using objects such as denim jeans, leather jackets, and aluminum pans, Don ‘DonCee’ Coulter manipulates common materials to create lush landscapes and to capture the environment of the Jazz movement. DonCee’s environmentally friendly pieces illustrate creative reuse of materials while also touching on past cultural movements. The artist carefully manipulates each material to reflect the nature of its subject matter.

"My time in Dresden was inspiring, enlightening and just an overall great experience. I enjoyed the morning walks through the Neustadt stopping by Cafe Oswaldz or Lloyd's Cafe for Ice Coffee. Visiting the African Goods store on LouisenstraBe for enlightenment or having a beer at Kunsthaus Raskolnikov Gallery to start my day. My frequent visits to the Alstadt, Hellerau and Bruhl Terrace were simply breath taking. The museums, small towns and baroque architecture had a tremendous influence on my artwork. However, the greatest takeaway by far is the people of Dresen. The most beneficial aspect of the residency is living amongst the people of Dresden. Understanding the customs, culture and seeing the passion they have for their city, region and East Germany. Nuir Die SGD, Dynamo!"