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Artist Information

Lynn Holbrook has a BS from Ohio State University in Textiles & Clothing and MFA in Theater Costume Design from Wayne State University. An accomplished, professional educator, creator, project manager, and mentor, she has worked as a costume shop manager for BalletMet, University of Michigan, Notre Dame Shakespeare and University of Notre Dame, and as costume coordinator for Notre Dame Opera.

“My month in Dresden was an eye opener for sure. The first week no one knew really what to do with me. Media artists had a studio to work in, but I did not have the same set of skills. I made my way over to the Semper Opera and met with the shop manager. She welcomed me with open arms and I found myself working in their costume shop. Although there was a big language barrier, we communicated through like knowledge of the clothing we were building. We shared different techniques and through one lone soul who knew some English, we were able to talk about the difference in how our work was approached in Europe and the US. I was able to tour many universities and dance schools. Everyone was eager to impress me and I was treated like royalty. I attended many concerts, theatre, and dance concerts and was always impressed with the full on joy the artist bring to their work. My education there was comprehensive. I learned to craft shoes and was given a tutorial with the wig department. I did appreciate that the people who held positions in the costume shop had to test to move up in position.”