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Artist Information

Mary Jo Bole’s work is skewed by a lineage to Victorian leftover culture experienced through her equally decaying hometown of Cleveland, and the punk/counter culture. In her sculpture, drawing, artists books and print instillations, and now in a video documentary sponsored by the Wexner Center‘s film/video lab, she has used earthly materials and processes. She has made her work weaving together these thoughts at existing residencies such as Headlands, the Kohler factory and self -organized artist residencies such as monument plaque, brick and silicon carbide factories. She has shown her work nationally and internationally and has received numerous grants and artist residencies.

“To be in Dresden long enough to get a sense of the daily day, to be able to pick up on and follow threads forming into ideas, like finding all three locations of the same artesian well near Albert Platz. To see that extraordinary- thing- for me the glass house that “walks” over the 18th century Camellia tree, Schloss Pillnitz, to protect it in the winter, then slips back again. To be able to bend with circumstance, (No studio? Work small… & make a very tiny book of many things) To get to know a few people that stay within you, To find that Mr. Clean becomes Mr. Proper in Dresden.”