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Artist Information

Melissa Vogley Woods holds an MFA in printmaking and a BFA in painting. She is a multi-discipline artist working in painting, sculpture, installation and performative video. Her work has exhibited across the US and internationally. Along with her studio practice, she is an active member of her arts community curating countless exhibitions, creating projects and teaching. Vogley Woods is represented in Ohio by the one and only Hammond Harkins Galleries. Her work is created through a process of thinking about that which is hidden and revealed with an interest in historical fragmentation emphasizing on the female experience. Vogley Woods examines the presence of female identity as manifested through various gestures that shifts in and out of abstraction. Woman wrestlers, folded quilts, classical architecture, sexual performance and body parts such as hands and feet are some recognizable elements found in work. She lives and works in Columbus, Ohio.

"This was my first residency ever! Out of this residency I not only made great friends, but also created several projects such as "Housewarning", an exhibition that brought a handful of German artists’ work to Columbus. I was also curated into a solo exhibition in Dresden and two-person show in Berlin and several other exhibitions across Germany."