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Artist Information

Nancy Wride is known for photographing light that transduces through various colors while creating highly saturated color images. This light and color process evokes a range of psychological, physiological and emotional reactions. Wride believes color is a universal language that communicates on various levels, often connecting to the subconscious, and eliciting unexpected responses.

In contrast to Wride’s intense study of color, she also has a love for documentary photography. This passion began in 2001 when Wride was the photographer on a humanitarian expedition to a small, remote village in Nepal. Wride’s documentary work continues today, with a recent trip through the streets of India and the United Arab Emirates.

Wride is inspired by colors evoked from light, modern design, contemporary art, documentary and street photography. Currently, Wride designs for print and digital media while continuing her documentary and fine art photography. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, her three daughters, and their dog Luna.

"While in Dresden I photographed the culture, captured the energy of the city and documented life among the German people. Having been inspired by my experiences in Dresden, I continue to photograph culture and document the chaos surrounding my life. Now, instead of directing my camera towards the environment, I am focusing on a more intimate world.”