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Artist Information

Richard Harned is a professor of art at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where he heads the Glass Art program. He has been an artist in residence at Headlands Center in Sausalito, California, the Arts/Industry program of the Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and the Glass Furnace in Istanbul, Turkey. He founded the Glass Axis, a non profit workshop and artists organization in Central Ohio, has served as a panelist and site visitor for national and regional art organizations, and as Treasurer and President of the Glass Art Society. His sculpture combines the aesthetic beauty of glass with the drama of complex constructions, embellished with decorative and symbolic elements. His pieces are often presented with a humorous post-modern warning about the impact of human thought on nature.

“My older children, then in high school, visited. They knew some German. My son was inspired enough to become a technical translator at Chemical Abstracts. My youngest daughter, Emilia, went over to Germany last year as a high school sophomore. She's an artist, and hopes to go to college in Germany, of course. On my return, I developed the 40 rolls of film. I hadn't noticed, but there was a drop of oil in the center of the lens, the images, blurry, kind of like my eyesight now. My art shifted from kinetic into being more immersive and environmental and then, over the last 20 years, my studio practice comes now as words, language, windows.”