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Artist Information

Steven Thurston received his BFA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He had the great opportunity to work for General Motors in the Design Department as an Industrial Sculptor. In 1994 he joined the faculty at OSU and currently has the rank of Associate Professor. Professor Thurston has held several Artist-in-Residence positions, most notably, The Alternative Works Site at Bemis in Omaha, Nebraska; the Europees Keramic Werk Centrum in Den Bosch, The Netherlands; The Keramick Werkcentrum, Berlin; and during the summer of 2007 he participated in the Greater Columbus Arts Council Artist Exchange in Dresden, Germany. While in Dresden he was fortunate to be a Resident Artist at the Sächsische Porzellan-Manufaktur. He has exhibited and lectured nationally and internationally on his work and on the integration of new technologies within a studio setting.

"My travels to Dresden truly helped to inform my research and open new paths of exploring the ceramic medium. With Dresden being the birthplace of European Porcelain, and the rich history of the city itself, I was captivated and inspired to delve deep into a series of works that explored themes of authenticity, materiality, and the power of the subversive layers of meaning through reinterpretation and misunderstandings."