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Entangled Threads

Carolyn Ready

Carolyn Ready is a Fashion/Teaching /Designing entrepreneur at Studio Creative in Clintonville. She is a 2014, graduate from Columbus College of Art & Design with a bachelors degree in fashion design. Textiles, fabrics, quilting, sewing and garment construction was a strong influence in her life growing up as a child. In junior-high, she explored art, home economics to graduating from high school with two-year degree in dressmaking from Choffin Vocational Training School in Ohio. Her continuous education and training with master tailors, dressmaker and patternmakers from Ohio, New York and India, inspires her growth as a designer. Her current studies at The Ohio State University Fashion Retail program is a great addition to her draping and design skills. Her continuous desire to learn inspires her, as well as strengthen her to pursuit of teaching. She teaches basic sewing, home base and industrial machine operations.