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#ArtUnitesCbus Film & Photography Exhibition

Jamie Ceasar

Jamie Ceasar is a photographer from Columbus who has been working in film photography for three years. Ceasar’s photography is documentary in nature, focusing on street photography, abstract photography and portraiture. He recently took part in a project for Free Film USA.

I’m not so good with words, but that’s probably why I love photography. I can let the photos I make speak for themselves. The death of George Floyd hit me hard, so much so that I went out and did what I usually do when stress becomes unbearable, I make pictures.

While stopping at some familiar spots downtown, I noticed a large crowd of people marching with signs. I wasn’t sure what it was about, so I drove over to get a closer look. I was at the intersection of Broad and High, and found myself in the middle of a protest of the death of George Floyd.

At that moment, I felt so much love, and appreciation for the people in my city! I wasn’t sure if Columbus would react, and if they did, what action would be taken. The sheer number of protestors, the signs, the chants, the demands for justice from both Black, white, and other people of color filled me with a flood of emotions. I knew one thing for sure, I needed to be a part of this! I got out of my car, and I marched! I made photographs. I wanted to document this demand for change in my city.

The protesting was a beautiful thing, but I also wanted to capture the amazing art being created by local artists. They also felt that call to duty to spread a message of awareness through their artistry. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t forgotten.

I was born into this struggle, and I support the need for equality. Being a part of this nationwide outcry was historic. I’m so thankful I have been able to document the Black Lives Matter movement in Columbus so far, and I plan to continue for as long as it takes!

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