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Jamie Ochs

Having shared in so many meaningful journeys, and having connected with so many people – art is very much like my spirit guide leading me to exactly where I’m meant to be. Giving me understanding, peace, and a place that transcends time and space.

It is my hope to continue this journey and to share my warmth and light through my art by maintaining a diligent pursuit of my goals to grow in to the roles I’ve been blessed to inherit as a mother, sister, friend, mentor, and partner.

Art is my refuge. I have found all sorts of answers to questions that have long tortured my consciousness and have been blessed to find only the beauty in all things. Even in my darkest moments, art has shown light on my fears and insecurities and worries and brought order to the chaos in my mind. Artists run deep through my family and it was my maternal grandmother who shared these traits and talents. Though I never got to know her personally, I take great comfort in knowing that the rituals I experience in performing my art have been passed down generation to generation and are embedded in our DNA, which connect and bind us all.