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2021 Community Arts Partnership Awards Visual Artist Exhibition

Lisa Cliff

Lisa Cliff creates inspirational interpretations and images in vibrant color to convey positive energy. Cliff’s favorite mediums are acrylic, mixed media, and pastels, using rich colors intertwined with subtle symbolism. Cliff uses heavy intentional brush strokes to convey structure, life and movement. Utilizing representational art as well as abstract art, Cliff enjoys the freedom to dance between the two art forms and adding elements of both in her work. Cliff also likes to incorporate a broad form of pointillism in her work featuring many contrasting colors in short broad strokes or dots that she feels represent life’s interconnectivity. Cliff has been a part of the fabric of the Columbus art scene for many years, participating in the Columbus Arts Festival and showing art at the Homeport Gallery, King Arts Complex, as well as participating in the Essence Art festival (New Orleans) Cliff is a member of Creative Women of Color a collective of fabulous African-American women artists in the Columbus area.