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Patrice Palmer with Peace Love

eace Love Art Workshops:

The CREATORS Program equips frontline professionals to deliver our expressive arts curriculum to their communities. Facilitators work directly with individuals, families, and groups throughout the country to help them achieve improved mental health and better quality of life through artistic expression.

Creative Calisthenics:

Getting out of your comfort zones through an exciting and unexpected exercise: The artwork is shared throughout the participants to create a final masterpiece that is significant to the recipient. The shared artwork message is through words and images.

Mandala Poetry: “Reflection”

Being present in the moment and more conscious of inner thoughts & feelings.

Rhythm & Colors:

Collaborating through a multimodal experience of musical creativity, artistic inspiration, and dynamic energy.

Dual Emotions: “Exploration”

Exploring the relationship between different emotions experienced.

MP 1: My musical notes are a place of peace for me. The eye in the center is my hand is seeing a brighter future where peace of mind is through music.

MP 2: I find peace of mind through placing the center-ness of love and peace and me being connected. Focusing on me, myself, and I.

MP 3: It is the sunshine, the growth of flowers, the moonlight, and love that gives me a sense of peace of mind.

MP 4: It is through the oneness of self that I am overjoyed! Overjoyed! Overjoyed!

DE 1: Inside of me are two parts that make me appear whole. The struggle is real: My brokenness is from years of addiction, incarceration, abusive relationships, and isolation. My beauty is from learning to love myself in spite of my fears, failures, or complications. I am loved totally. That feels good!

DE 2: The two parts inside of me that make me whole. My sadness is surrounded by addiction, how I see myself, (ugly and unloved), shame, incarceration, abuse, and separation from loved ones. My happiness is engaging in loving myself, family, friends, and loving who I am becoming. Celebrating the queen in me!

CC 1: Believe, Family, Love, Forgiveness are commitments I hold near and dear to my heart.

CC 2: Life and Hope are surrounded by love

CC 3: Strong plus Self-worth are the center of my healing

CC 4: Freedom, Hope, Love, Faith, and Peace are the core of my being. Embracing the newness of life with loyalty to myself first.

CC 5: Released! It’s a freedom to just be me.
• The power to change my life
• The power to make better choices
• The power to believe in myself.

R & C 1: Liberty, Peace, & Faith- it is through the unity to create a better future from the pain of mistakes take liberty which is a freedom. My foundation is faith and that gives me a peace of mind.

HUSH Silenced by a Touch in the Night by Dr. Patrice A. Palmer:

In this book Dr. Palmer takes us on her life journey of loss, betrayal, shattered moments, and road to healing. Silenced by a touch in the night, she tells the story of so many young girls in the hopes that her story will bring life, healing, and faith to those who think they can never be whole again.

“HUSH is an inspiring demonstration of courage in the face of helplessness, virtue in the violation of innocence. Through this autobiographical look at her early life, Dr. Palmer provides a lens into the sometimes subtle, but always calculated touch of abuse that stole her purity and left her discarded. Yet through faith, determination, and poetic expression, she turns the events of her past into a roadmap of healing for anyone struggling with the impact of sexual abuse.” Paul Kampf

Shattered Pieces by Jeff Sparr Co-Founder of Peace-Love

Shattered Pieces was created by Jeff Sparr for Dr. Palmer to show the brokenness into a multiplicity of pieces she found herself in. This artwork is shattered yet through love, surrounded by her village of strength, courage, and family their love and support was instrumental for her healing and life change.

Shattered Pieces:

Today I see the stains of my yesterday pains, so brutal and vile
If you think it is a joke, just be me and walk one mile.
My emotions are heavy, and I feel so drained,
I wonder if I can live with or past this pain.
No one said it would be easy playing life at its game.
Hear me cry out loud I do not want to remain the same.
All I know is I can change by facing yesterday’s pain.
By Dr. Patrice A. Palmer