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#ArtUnitesCbus Film & Photography Exhibition

Rashunda Holloway

Rashunda Holloway has worked as a professional photographer for 10 years. She first took photography classes at the Fort Hayes Career Center, then got her BFA at Columbus College of Art and Design. She works as a staff photographer for Premier Health, and is the owner of Purple Star Photography.

We are living out history right now. A global pandemic. A movement of Black and brown people demanding equality. Demanding justice for those who are no longer here. I wanted to be a witness to this shifting moment in time. So I grabbed my camera. I’m a curious storyteller, it’s within me. This collection of images was inspired by my desire to capture Black women using their voices to be heard. Not only are Black women the backbone of the household often times but they are also the backbone of our community. This set of images captures the Black Excellence Ladies Edition Peaceful Protest. Eight years prior to this protest I stood in the same spot on the steps of City Hall. I was attending the Trayvon Martin protest with my camera in hand. The crowd was small with only a handful of people in attendance. In the year 2020 I stood in the same spot overlooking an enormous crowd of mask-wearing, sign-holding Black women ready for their voices to be heard. I can’t help but to compare the two events. Within an eight-year time span, countless Black and brown people have died senselessly by the hands of the police. The crowd was a result of a system that hasn’t changed. A system that is unwilling to change. Every year since Trayvon Martin’s death, we’ve continued to witness Black people die. I am truly amazed by the crowd of people that came out during a pandemic and social unrest. I truly believe that this is not just a movement. A change is coming.

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