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Renewal: Works About Hope

Rebecca Gonzalez-Bartoli


This work consists of a photograph taken by myself, then printed on fabric using gel printing. The gel printed papers in the background are old hospital worksheets and forms, and the stitching represents my pieces of self being put together. This artwork expresses my recovery journey from hopeless to hopeful, and how in order to reach there, I had to experience great grief and let myself feel that grief.


Rebecca Gonzalez-Bartoli is an intuitive and expressive artist in recovery. Having experienced trauma and mental health issues since a young age, she tell stories with her art. Primarily working with acrylic paint and mixed-media collage, she has participated in multiple exhibits and art markets since moving to Columbus. Sharing her story of recovery and inspiring others is one of the reasons she shows her art. Rebecca hopes to continue to grow her art career in the future and use art to destigmatize those who have mental illness or substance use disorders.