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Renewal: Works About Hope

Stephanie Hinders


This piece is representative of how I interpret hope with a past colored with trauma, and many years of struggling with major depressive disorder and anxiety. The hands represent the many people who have, in both big and small ways, helped me in my journey of healing. It represents the work I have done and continue to do myself, looking beneath the surface, and exploring what’s lurking in my inner shadows. It’s those who have, slowly over time, helped me see with more clarity. And it’s those who have helped without knowing it, simply by making happy memories with me, therefore ‘overwriting’ some of the pain and fear, letting more hope grow.


Stephanie Hinders is an artist out of Columbus, Ohio.
Though she experiments with other mediums, her heart has always been in creating with charcoal – she is drawn to its dark nature, its messiness, and at times, its unpredictability. Stephanie describes her art as her heart coming out on paper. It’s her pain, her past, her way of connecting. It’s her release and therapy. Stephanie focuses primarily on aspects of the human figure and the way the body and our expressions can so powerfully emote how we feel without a word spoken.