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From Formation to Murmuration

Various Artists (Formation to Murmuration)

Murmuration is a site specific national collaborative art installation to honor the innate resiliency of our active duty, Veterans, Military families, and Caretakers. In May of 2022, to honor Mental Health month, Tandy Leather and partnering Veteran’s service organizations hosted a national month-long event teaching feather carving to promote resiliency and to end the stigma of seeking mental health. Nearly 3,000 feathers were made in solidarity, many of them coming with personal notes and dedications of who the feather was being created for. This exhibition features more than 500 of the feathers that were created.

“Numerous studies have shown that individuals that travel in groups are almost always more vulnerable when they stray off by themselves. That’s due in no small part to the bewildering things that an assemblage can do…Safety in numbers, in other words: Birds that stay together tend to survive together…clusters are democratic. They function from the grassroots; any member can initiate a movement that others will follow…Thousands coalesce and form dense spheres, ellipses, columns, and undulating lines, sequentially changing the shape of their flocks within moments.” (Flight Plan. Audubon Magazine, March, 2009)