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Caution: Artists at Play

Yvette Jackson

Yvette Jackson is an emerging artist whose extensive grief history has contributed to her passion for celebrating life, living, and recovery through storytelling. Themes of pain and peace side by side are reflected in her work.

Her beginning series, entitled, “Tears and Treasures” is a response to her rumblings through the years about “If my tears could speak what would they say?” She continues to search for images, symbols, and metaphors to help her answer this question that often stirs and bubbles up in her soul.
Her legacy of faith work is further informed and inspired by her relationships with family and friends, her work with the church, and her worshipful work as a Chaplain and a grief educator. In her call to preach, teach, train, coach, consult, and write, Yvette uses scrapbooking/photography, quilting, and card making as tools for creative expressions. Honoring, remembering, and celebrating her life and loved ones have been an essential part of her grieving and mourning in healthy ways.