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2024 Mural Assistance for Artists

Application Portal
Application Portal


This grant is designed to provide partial funding for the creation of exterior murals where a specific wall is identified, there is a written contract between artist(s) and commissioning organization, and additional funding has been pledged or secured


Who is eligible to apply?

This grant is open to mural artists who:

  • Are working artists (age 18 and older) as demonstrated by resume/work samples.
  • Have lived in Franklin County for at least one year prior to application.
  • Are NOT enrolled as degree-seeking undergraduate students
  • Did not receive a Mural Assistance grant in 2023 or Spring 2024

What types of projects are eligible?

To qualify for this grant program, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • LOCATION: Mural location must be within Franklin County (check zoning here); exterior and visible to the general public (i.e. no inside lobby murals or private courtyards, etc.); AND be located OUTSIDE of Downtown District, Columbus (see map below)
  • COMMITMENT: Contract or letter of intent from commissioning organization/company with mural location and total compensation.
  • INVESTMENT: Commissioning organization/company MUST agree in writing to provide artist(s) with partial funding of at least $500; some projects may require a much larger match depending on the size of the mural.


Round 1
Application Opens January 15th
Application Due February 15th at 5:00pm
Applicants Notified March 15th
Final Report Due One year after award date
Round 2
Application Opens October 1st
Application Due November 1st at 5:00pm
Applicants Notified December 15th
Final Report Due One year after award date

Application Questions & Uploads

How much can I apply for?

All awards for artists are a flat $5,000; funds may be used for artist fees (to pay yourself) or for materials/supplies.

Grantees will receive a 1099 for awards $600 and over.

How often can I receive funds?

To fund as many artists as possible, awarded artists are eligible to reapply every other year. For example, artists selected in 2024 are eligible to reapply in 2026.

What are the application questions?

Below you will find the current narrative questions to assist you in your grant preparation.

  • Name of organization or company hiring you to create the proposed mural
  • Location of the proposed mural
  • Size of the proposed mural
  • Square footage of proposed mural
  • Total payment amount from commissioning/hiring organization or company
  • Estimated date of completion of the proposed mural
  • Talk about your past experience working on commissions or murals
  • What is your artistic vision or concept for this mural?
  • Describe your method of mural application and/or installation
  • Optional: Upload a sketch or rendering for the proposed mural, if available.
  • Optional: Upload 1-2 photos of proposed mural site, if available.
  • Optional: GCAC is committed to funding artists that are representative of our diverse city; especially those from historically marginalized communities. If you are comfortable, please share a little bit about how you self-identify (race/ethnicity, gender identity, part of the LGBTQ+ community, part of the disability community, etc.).

What are the required uploads?

All materials must be uploaded digitally to the online application system.

  • Artist resume or detailed bio that includes a listing of past exhibitions, murals, commissions, etc.
  • 3-5 artistic work samples
  • Contract or letter of intent from the commissioning/hiring organization or company

After Submitting – Reviews & Scoring

Review, evaluation and selection

Mural Assistance grants are reviewed by a panel of GCAC board members and national mural experts. Projects submitted by artists from historically marginalized communities will be prioritized. The jury will evaluate applications based on the following:

  • Artistic excellence and ability to execute plan presented.
  • Strength of the partnership between muralist and hiring/commissioning organization and company.
  • Impact on the community based on mural location/size/concept.


Grant approvals are based on reviews and available funding. Following a vote from the jury, applicants will be notified by email of the application award status. You are responsible for keeping your contact information up-to-date.


After Awarded – Contracts, Payments, Reporting

Grant Agreement

Following the approval of a grant, a grant agreement specifying the terms of the grant will be available in the online application portal by clicking the “Contracts to Complete” button. To accept the award, review the grant agreement and digitally sign by the date indicated. You will be required to provide proof of residency in order to receive funding. No significant changes to the approved mural proposal can occur without prior written approval from GCAC.

Payments & Spending the Funds

Grantees will receive 80% ($4,000) of their grant following the receipt of a digitally signed Grant Agreement. The final 20% ($1,000) will be paid upon the completion of the mural and the submission of a Final Report.

Final Report

To complete your Final Report, login to the online application system, and click on “Reports to Complete.” You will be required to submit images of your completed mural as part of the Final Report, as well as enter the mural into the GCAC Public Art Database. Extensions may be requested in writing before the Final Report due date. Overdue reports may affect eligibility and impact grant awards for future applications.

Send an email to or if you need to request a change.

Publicity Requirements

Publicity/Donor Acknowledgement

Once you are awarded, say “Thanks!” in a public way. GCAC requires that all organizations and artists receiving funding demonstrate the public value of the arts by making others aware of awards received and acknowledging public funds.

GCAC will provide signage for the mural site. Refer to APPENDIX A for more details of the contractual publicity requirements.