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2024 Aminah Robinson Artist Residency

Application Portal
Application Portal


The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC), in partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA), offers a 90-day artist residency for a U.S.-based professional African American visual artist. The residency is intended to provide an artist with the gift of time to develop new work or a work in progress and connect to resources related to the work of MacArthur Fellow Aminah Robinson.


Who is eligible to apply?

Applicants to the Aminah Artist Residency must:

  • Identify as African American;
  • Be a permanent resident of the United States;
  • Be a working visual artist (age 18 and older);
    • Description:
      • The artist sells their artwork or shares their body of work with the general public.
      • The artist is focused on expressing their own creative or aesthetic ideas, rather than on documentation or journalism.
    • Collaborative applications are NOT accepted. Each artist must apply individually.
  • Produce work in any of the following media:
    • Visual arts (painting, 3D and 2D, wood carving, sculpture and fiber – with a focus on found objects, natural and synthetic materials). Video, Film and Digital Installations are not eligible.
  • Produce works deeply rooted in storytelling, cultural traditions and heritage;
  • Are NOT enrolled as degree-seeking undergraduate students.

NOTE: Residents of Franklin County are NOT eligible to apply, however they are eligible to apply for the Aminah Robinson Fellowship or the Aminah Robinson Writer, Scholar, Researcher Residency.  If an artist is a recipient of any Aminah award, they are no longer eligible to apply to other Aminah programs.


Application Opens March 1, 2024
Application Due April 1, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.
Applicants Notified May 1, 2024
Residency Begins September 1, 2024
Residency Ends November 30, 2024
Final Report Due December 30, 2025

Application Questions & Uploads

What is the application fee?

What is the application fee? The application fee is $15 and payable via debit/credit card in the application, under the “Certification and Payment” tab. You will not be able to submit the application until you have completed the payment.

How often can I apply?

An artist may be selected for the Aminah Artist Residency only once. If an artist applies and is not selected, they may apply again the following year.

What are the application questions?

  • Why are you interested in the Aminah Robinson Artist Residency?
  • Why should you be selected for this residency? How does your work or technique align with Aminah Robinson’s principles or style?
  • What would you hope to discover, share or produce during the residency?

What are the required Supplemental Materials (uploads)?

All support materials must be uploaded digitally to the application portal

  • Artistic bio or resume (PDF only)
  • 3-5 work samples, including title, size, date & medium
  • Link to website, if applicable

Where is Aminah’s home located?

The Aminah Robinson home studio is located in the Shephard neighborhood northeast of Columbus, Ohio, a short ten-minute drive from downtown Columbus.

Will I need a car while in residence?

It is preferred that the awardee brings a car to Columbus, if possible. Columbus does not have a robust public transportation system. However, we know this can be an issue for families or those without a vehicle. If this is the case, we will discuss options and might also recommend awardees plan for extra expenditures related to car share fees, bus passes, etc.

May I bring my bicycle?

Columbus is a burgeoning cycling community, but it is still reliant on automobiles. There are many bike trails and a few dedicated bike lanes (mostly downtown and campus areas) but riders should take extreme caution on roadways. We would only recommend a bicycle as a primary mode of transportation for experienced daily bike commuters.

May I bring my family/friend to stay with me in the house during my residency?

Though we know that it may be difficult to be away from home and family, this residency is intended for you to engage in creative practices without the usual daily distractions or responsibilities.  You are welcome to have visitors, but we ask that no guests stay more than five days.

May I bring my pet to stay with me in the house during my residency?

Because we consider Aminah’s home studio to be a sacred space, we do not allow any pets inside. This helps to sustain the integrity of these historical spaces.

What is the house policy on smoking?

Because we consider Aminah’s home studio to be a sacred space, we do not permit smoking inside. However, we do allow smoking outside on the porches, lawn, or driveway if proper disposal practices are followed.

After Submitting - Reviews & Scoring

Review and selection

Aminah Artist Residency applications are reviewed by a selection jury that will include representatives from the Shepard or Poindexter neighborhoods where Aminah lived, the Columbus Museum of Art, GCAC, and esteemed artists or curators from across the country.

The selection jury will review the applicants’ artistic excellence and technical proficiency, innovative use of medium, and use of storytelling and connection to cultural traditions and heritage. The selection jury will also consider the applicants’ connection to or reflection of the aesthetic and spirit of Aminah Robinson.


Following a consensus selection from the residency selection jury, applicants will be notified by email of the determination.

After Awarded - Contracts, Payments, Reporting

Award Details

In 2024, the residency will include a $15,000 unrestricted award and the honor of staying and working in Aminah’s home studio. Lodging and studio access are provided as part of the residency. Artists will have the opportunity for an exhibition, a public presentation or a community outreach activity, coordinated with Columbus Museum of Art staff.

Grant Agreement

Following the selection of the Aminah Artist Residency awardee, a grant agreement specifying the terms of the residency and assuring the respectful use of the space will be available in the application portal under “Contracts to Complete.”  To accept the award, review the grant agreement and digitally sign by the date indicated. There will be no changes in the terms or residency timeline without prior written approval from GCAC and CMA, jointly.

Residency Expectations

The Aminah Robinson Artist Residency awardee should be actively creating artwork during their 90 days and will have the opportunity for an exhibition, a public presentation, or a community outreach activity, coordinated with Columbus Museum of Art staff. It is preferred that the artist brings their own car to Columbus, if possible.

Publicity/Donor Acknowledgement

Once you are awarded, say “Thanks!” in a public way. GCAC and CMA require that all artists receiving funding demonstrate the public value of the arts by making others aware of awards received and acknowledging public funders. Refer to APPENDIX A for details of the contractual publicity requirements.


The Aminah Robinson Artist Residency awardee will receive 75% of their award upon receipt of the digitally signed grant agreement and balance of the award following the completion of the Final Report.

Final Report

A Final Report is due 30 days after the end of the residency. To complete your Final Report, login to the application portal and you will see “Reports to Complete” on your dashboard.

Publicity Requirements

GCAC and CMA request that all artists receiving funding demonstrate the public value of the arts by acknowledging support from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Museum of Art.

General Guidelines

This residency is offered in partnership with the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA). Please recognize both Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and Columbus Museum of Art on all related materials. On first reference in text, please refer as the “Greater Columbus Arts Council” and “Columbus Museum of Art.” On second reference, use of GCAC and CMA is acceptable.

Residency Awardees should use the public channels available to them, such as social media and press releases to recognize support from GCAC and CMA. Additionally, residency awardees should credit GCAC and CMA for all events associated with the residency activities utilizing website pages, social media posts and events, print materials, artist talks and on-site signage.

Social Media

Awardees should acknowledge their award via social media channels at the time of award notification. Like and tag the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Columbus Makes Art pages on Facebook, use @GCAC_Cbus on X and/or include hashtags #gcacgrants and #artmakescbus on Instagram. Like and tag @columbusmuseum on Instagram, Facebook and X. Facebook events should also contain recognition.

Visual Acknowledgement

When appropriate, please use GCAC and CMA complete logos on signage wherever possible. GCAC logo includes the graphic representation of GCAC AND the words “Greater Columbus Arts Council.” Both elements are required anywhere the logo is included. At minimum, include a text reference to “Greater Columbus Arts Council” and “Columbus Museum of Art” on signage.


Contacts for publicity items, Jami Goldstein or Lydia Simon