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GCAC Workshop

Tax Accountability Group (3-Part Series)

Saturday, February 17, 2024 • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Room 3A @ the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Main branch, 96 S. Grant Ave
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Organizing and preparing taxes can be daunting but this 3-part series is intended to create a supportive group that learns together and helps each other cross the finish line. Each Saturday workshop will provide educational tips, make room for plenty of Q&A, and assign a homework task.

Workshop #1: Gather Your Stuff - Feb 17th
Bring in all of your tax data and paperwork - W-2s, 1099s, Venmo exports, receipts - you name it! Tax guru, Elaine Lutrrull, will teach you how to organize all of this chaos and prep you for tax season. She'll spill the beans on the top deductions for creative entrepreneurs and guide you to the right tax category on Schedule C.

Workshop Outcomes: Quantify ordinary and necessary business deductions in common categories for creative entrepreneurs.
Homework: Finish organizing your data and bring questions to the next session.

Workshop #2: The Other Tax Parts - March 2nd
Get ready to spice up your tax game in the second workshop! Elaine will guide you through the other sections of the tax form, from filing status to Schedule A (for the itemized deduction enthusiasts) and Schedule 1 (for the income-adjustment gurus). You'll even learn some tax-planning secrets, like how to stash cash for retirement and HSAs, to keep your finances in tip-top shape for 2024. And we won't forget the Ohio state and Columbus income taxes, so you'll be prepped to tackle those forms like a pro.

Workshop Outcome: Review major questions to answer during the tax preparation process for Federal, State, and Local purposes.
Homework: File your taxes using VITA (the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program) or a software of your choosing.

Workshop #3: The Next Tax Parts - March 16th
This final workshop is your chance to fire away with all your tax questions, so you can breathe easy after filing. Plus, it's a PERFECT opportunity to prep for next year by getting your tax history down pat, making mental notes of future deductions, and learning how to keep organized records for next year.

Workshop Outcome: Prepare recordkeeping habits and saving habits for 2024 to make the next season much easier.
Homework: Finish any lingering tasks and stay on top of records for the rest of the year.