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Corey Williams they/them/he/him/she/her

Anisa Love is a semi retired professional singer, dancer, and actor with Disney, Paramount, and Royal Caribbean, he is also a recording artist. Williams has been performing as the Anisa Love character for 22 years. Anisa is a former Miss Gay Ohio USofA at Large among other titles, Stonewall Columbus’ 2021 Patron of Pride, Aids Walk Ohio honoree and she hosts various events at District West and across Central Ohio. Anisa will be opening for national recording artist Chappell Roan this spring, Anisa just filmed season 2 of the series Treading Yesterday which will be airing in mid 2023 on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and Dekko. Corey is married to his husband Brian and recently bought a home. Anisa hosts Drag Brunch at The Walrus which is a monthly fundraiser for Kaleidoscope Youth Center.

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