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Efua Amissah-Aggrey she/her

Efua Amissah-Aggrey is not just a fashion designer; she’s a trailblazer on a mission to revolutionize self-confidence through her brand, Baddest. As the Owner of Baddest an Efua combines her love for fashion with a powerful commitment to fostering a movement of radical self-confidence. With a background as the Community Outreach Director at Girl Empowerment Inc, Efua has a proven track record of making a positive impact. She has participated in memorable shows like Passport to Fashion during the Fashion Week Columbus line up. In addition to her role in the fashion scene, Efua serves as a board member at the 934 Gallery, further solidifying her commitment to the arts community. Beyond the runway, Efua is a compelling public speaker, addressing audiences at events like the Experience Columbus Annual Meeting. There, she emphasized the vital role of intentional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) practices in the workplace. At Baddest, Efua envisions fashion as a tool for empowerment, breaking barriers of size, race, and more. Her personal journey, marked by resilience as a first-generation Ghanaian American and vibrant authenticity, fuels her passion to inspire others to express themselves confidently. “Remember, the clothes are just the accessory—the confidence is all you, and you wear it well.” This mantra encapsulates Efua’s philosophy, encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves flawlessly. Through her work, Efua Amissah-Aggrey isn’t just crafting designs; she’s leading a movement—one where confidence takes center stage.

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