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Gabrielle Burton she/her

Gabrielle Burton is a filmmaker and writer who lives in Ohio. With a passion for strong human-focused storytelling and social engagement, she won Ohio Arts Council’s Individual Excellence Award both in poetry and in filmmaking. Burton directed the award-winning documentary on gender, KINGS, QUEENS, & IN-BETWEENS (about the thriving drag scene in midwest Ohio) which, after a national theatrical release, is being used as an education tool in universities, medical training conferences, and community organizations across the US. Current projects include: HALF THE HISTORY series (about equal inclusion and representation of women in American history), SOMEBODY TO LEAN ON (about Harmony Project’s men’s prison choir), WE TREAT THEM THE SAME (a short-short about parenting and gender), A FUTURE WISH (a short about time travel and possibilities), and THE SKY’S THE LIMIT: THE STORY OF THE MERCURY 13 (about the thirteen women tested to be astronauts in 1961-2). Involved in grassroots activism, Burton’s films incorporate social engagement campaigns with discussions, action, and community dialogues, such as the CAST commercial campaign against human trafficking with Emmy nominee Julia Ormond. Burton’s creative style weaves complex stories and voices together to explore human nature and social change. Burton helms the production company Five Sisters Productions with her five real-life sisters, making films ranging from comedies to shorts, focusing on incorporating creative participation and underrepresented voices. She won a Wexner Center for the Arts residency for her next project inspired by her TEDxTalk about gender, drag, and parenting (selected by TEDx national playlist- Her TEDxTalk on complexity was part of TEDxTours-

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