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Indigo Gonzales Miller they/them

Indigo Gonzales Miller (she/they) is an Afro-Indigenous (Southern Ute- not enrolled) & Two-Spirit artist, educator, and historian based in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Since graduating from The Ohio State University in 2017 with a BA in History of Art, their interdisciplinary arts-based practice specializes in printmaking and its global impact, totemic pedagogies within embodied archives, and alchemical ethnomusicology.
As of 2023, their current print and workshop series, Somatic Reparations, explores symbolic gestures as reparative acts within the collective diaspora through AuDHD synesthetic sensory integration, free-associative mark-making, and alchemical ethnomusicology. Every sticker and print, therefore, is an offering of “Good Medicine for All Relations.”
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