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Krate Digga he/him/his

Krate Digga was born in Canton, OH, home of the National Football League Hall of Fame. The 1984 H.O.F. Induction weekend began with a classic battle of the bands and it’s there that music fully captivated him as a mere 6 year old. Krate began African drumming at age 7. Eventually DJing, then producing and engineering; creating music & fluctuating sonic pathways has been a labor of love for Krate. Hip Hop has offered Krate opportunities to travel & meet people never imagined. Krate remains committed to improving quality of lives using music as a vehicle, specifically through the prism of Hip Hop culture. Whether teaching middle school or at the collegiate level, opening for Grandmaster Flash or performing his own stage production; it is music and the power therein that’s allowed Krate to serve as a conduit for artistic & community development. Krate understands that music bridges cultures.

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