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Lacey Luce
Marketing, Communications & Events Strategist

It was a dark and stormy night and Lacey Luce, digital strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council, was diligently tweeting out five art events to enjoy despite the weather. In the past 14 years she had used a wide array of channels to market the arts in Columbus—everything from print to traditional press—but she had quickly come love the agility of digital media. From blogs to Instagram, Ms. Luce understood that stories are the foundation to successful marketing.

With the tweet sent, Ms. Luce returned to her personal blog where she was working on a short story. A veteran National Novel Writing Month participant, this was her idea of fun. She sipped at her wine and considered her next sentence, then absentmindedly picked up a cookie—chocolate chip with smoked almonds—that she had baked earlier. A self proclaimed #cbusfoodie she loved playing in the kitchen almost as much as she loved creating characters.

Fourteen years in marketing had certainly given Ms. Luce plenty of inspiration to draw from. She worked with faculty and students at Columbus College of Art & Design on everything from viewbooks and the website to the college’s wildly popular annual fashion show. During her time at the college she grew their social media presence exponentially, including developing a blog and a student blogging team.

While the college environment was exciting and full of great narratives, it was her work with the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery that helped solidify her career focus. Marketing exhibitions allowed her to see the myriad stories behind each show and each participating artist, and she saw the potential for social media to broadcast those stories—to take us all behind the curtain.

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