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Greater Columbus Arts Council Announces $562,005 in Inaugural Artist Projects Community-Reviewed Grants

in Press Releases May 30, 2024 2 min read

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) announced today the recipients of its new Artist Projects grant. This is the first grant in which applications were reviewed and scored by community members. In total, 49 artists – 43 artists working in dance, fashion, literary arts, music, theater and visual arts, plus six filmmakers – were awarded $562,005.

GCAC received 334 applications for the first round. To assist applicants, staff offered a virtual workshop, three in-person writing sessions and three virtual drop-in sessions with GCAC Navigators. After staff reviewed them for initial eligibility and completeness, applications were narrowed down to 75 that were moved forward to Community Review Day.

GCAC held its first Community Review Day on May 4 at the Ohio History Center, with 152 community reviewers assessing and discussing applications in groups before submitting scores for each one. The public can learn more by consulting GCAC’s guide to the Community-Based Review Process or by watching the video on why GCAC is embracing community grantmaking.

“It’s been a privilege to witness the transformative power of collective action, where every voice matters,” said one community reviewer. “Community reviewing goes beyond funding projects; it’s about investing in the dreams and potential of Columbus artists.”

“I appreciate GCAC’s mindfulness and intentionality regarding opening this process up to being a community building effort — making all of us part of the process to think about art that will happen in and from Columbus artists,” said another.

“I learned a lot as an artist on what could improve my grant writing, which was an experience that I did not expect to have and one that will help me tenfold in the future,” added another reviewer.

Applicants could apply for up to $10,000 in project funds; filmmakers could request up to $25,000 for their projects.

Name Award Amount
Vicky Abou-Ghalioum $10,000
Rasel Ahmed $25,000
Cynthia Amoah $10,000
Julia Applegate $25,000
Morgan Bukovec $7,000
Maggie Cappelletti $9,316
Alfonso Cervera $10,000
Lexi Clark-Stilianos $25,000
Heidi Clifford $10,000
Brett Davis $10,000
Ajanae Dawkins $10,000
Daza $6,000
Noah Demland $9,996
Drew Eberly $8,000
Cee $9,400
Amber Knicole $10,000
Morgan Rose Free $10,000
Brian Harnetty $10,000
Colette Harrell $10,000
Adam Hernandez $9,810
Michael Herring $8,975
Eli Hiller $25,000
Katie Hofacker $6,590
Luke Howard $10,000
Kelly Hurlburt $10,000
Lea M Gray $10,000
Marsha Mack $10,000
Dom Deshawn $10,000
Lily Bloom $10,000
Sheri Morgan $10,000
Vasiliev Nini $10,000
Mike Olenick $25,000
Diane Peters $10,000
Tyiesha Radford Shorts $9,719
Matt Roberson $10,000
Sydnee Roberts-Crews $25,000
Larry Robertson $10,000
Lydia Smith $10,000
Luke Stettner $10,000
Z. F. Taylor $10,000
Zoë Brigley $10,000
Abu Toure $7,200
Rudy Vazquez $10,000
Melissa Vogley Woods $9,999
Lorii Wallace $10,000
Julie Whitney Scott $10,000
Carmen Winant $10,000
Chantal Wnuk $10,000
Dina Zaman $10,000

 TOTAL: $562,005

A second round of Artist Projects grants will open on Aug. 1 and close on Aug. 30. Artists who were not awarded in the first round are eligible to reapply for the second. More information on workshops, writing sessions and Community Review will be coming soon. Guidelines for the Artist Projects grants can be found here:

For more information on grant funding, including guidelines and upcoming deadlines, go to or contact the Grants & Community Engagement team at or (614) 224-2606.

Mission of the Greater Columbus Arts Council: To support and advance the arts and cultural fabric of Columbus.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council receives major financial support from the City of Columbus, Franklin County Commissioners, the Ohio Arts Council and The Ohio State University.

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