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Greater Columbus Arts Council Awards Third Cycle of Support for Professional Artists Grants and Final Cycle of Big Ideas Grants

in Press Releases November 17, 2021 2 min read

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) approved the following grants: 65 Support for Professional Artists totaling $58,817 in November 2021 and eight Big Ideas grants totaling $20,000 since August.

Support for Professional Artists: Support for Professional Artists (SPA) grants are intended to assist individual artists and groups of artists creating together on a permanent basis in making new art, growing artistic skills and marketing to a broader audience.

Group Applications

Applicant Grant Amount
Devin Henry Music $1,468
GYMFEA $1,649
October Ember $1,750
Son of Dribble $1,200

TOTAL: $6,067

Individual Applications

Applicant Grant Amount
Alexandra Anthony  $949
Sandra Aska  $1,000
Talle Bamazi  $1,000
Joel Blaeser  $986
Sophia Bolton  $680
Alisha Boykin  $724
Stephanie R. Bridges  $850
Nichole Burton  $700
David Bynum  $1,000
Khaila Carr  $850
Ashley Carroll  $1,000
Sukanya Chand  $785
Heidi Clifford  $1,000
Emily Cline  $938
Emily Cmar  $1,000
Jeffrey Collins  $996
Tommy Cox  $296
Katie Davis  $1,000
Twyana Davis  $1,000
Gabriel Day  $1,000
Kito Denham  $150
Kyle Downs  $1,000
Willie Flowers  $1,000
Mark Fohl  $460
Antonio Gonzalez  $1,000
Caroline Hong  $500
Joseph Jamison Jr.  $580
Tracey Johnson  $1,000
Kathryn Johnson  $500
Ericka Johnson-Settles  $995
Michael Kash  $1,000
Kyle Lemstrom  $866
Cory Mahoney  $1,000
James McDevitt-Stredney  $750
Michael McEwan  $998
Allison McGovney  $1,000
Tatiana Melnikova  $1,000
Elizabeth Miller  $1,000
Arta Moayeri  $1,000
Shameaca Moore  $1,000
Kurt Mueller  $495
Somsai Ngamsanith  $882
Annie Nicholson-Burley  $1,000
Mike Olenick  $992
Paula Perkins  $440
Hassan Qureshi  $1,000
Tammi Rager  $1,000
Rachel Reese  $1,000
Nikkia Riles  $150
Mario Slagle  $1,000
Dan Slutz  $979
Claire Smith  $1,000
Danielle Smith  $825
Briseus Smith  $1,000
Carol Snyder  $1,000
Gale Suver  $500
Nita Sweeney  $1,000
Andrew Thompson  $1,000
Wynter Whiteside  $935
Wendy Yeager  $999
Regina Zehner  $1,000

TOTAL: $52,750

This concludes the last cycle for the Support for Professional Artists: Individuals and Groups grant of 2021.

Artists interested in learning about the Arts Council’s grants and programs are encouraged to sign-up for the OppArt newsletter mailing list. This newsletter is shared with artists twice a month and includes information on grant opportunities and art-specific career opportunities in Columbus, as well as support for artists outside of the Arts Council. To opt-in, please visit


Big Ideas: Big Ideas grants are intended to uplift artist ideas and projects that bring all art forms out into the community. The Arts Council has approved eight Big Ideas grants totaling $20,000 since August.

Artist Project Name Grant Amount
Sonda Staley Into the Breeches by The Tipping Point Theatre $2,500
William Strickler The Wednesday Sessions: Guest Artist Edition $2,500
Brandon Smith Bless It! $2,500
Paisha Thomas Paisha Thomas, Storyteller $2,500
Karen Campbell Just Walls: Art for People Who Wait $2,500
Mansee Singhi Echoes of Ramayana – Untold Tales of Women $2,500
Brett Davis Columbus Alternative Art Book Fair $2,500
Alexandra Clark-Stilianos SLIP $2,500

TOTAL: $20,000

This was the final cycle for the Big Ideas grant program. Over the past two years, the Arts Council has supported a total of 35 projects for the community presented by the artists of Columbus.

For more information about individual artist funding and programs, including guidelines and upcoming deadlines, visit or contact Dayvon Nichols, Grants & Services Associate,

Mission of the Greater Columbus Arts Council: To support and advance the arts and cultural fabric of Columbus.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council receives major financial support from the City of Columbus, Franklin County Commissioners and the Ohio Arts Council.

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